Grocery bills: This Saturday in Inuvik: Total is $115.01

Inuvik now enjoys road access . I must note, the quality of the produce is excellent.

Here is my grocery bill showing today’s haul: Carried home in a backpack and two bags.

Everything was fresh, unless speficied as frozen.

Fresh blueberries (312 grams): $6.29
Apples, Gala (two of them) $1.96
Apples, Red Delicious (two of them): $2.25
Apples, Grenny Smith (two of them): $2.70
Apricots (four of them): $3.57
Tomatoes (four nice ones, on a vine): $4.28
Tomatoes (smaller Roma tomatoes, small bag) $1.97

Broccolli: $3.99
Bell peppers (pack of three): $5.99
English cucumber: $3.29

Local meat:
Muskox (From Sachs Harbour,is $12.99 a kilogram for ground): $11.94
Muskox striploin: $6.38

Orange juice concentrate (one can of real stuff): $3.23
Orange juice concentrate (one can, fruit punch): $2.19
Cooked shrimp (medium bag of shrimp): $8.29
Fruit popsicles: (bag): $3.16
Frozen berries variety, 600g: $7.39

Rye crackers: (box at far right in picture) $3.99
Kraft salad dressing (2 bottles): $3.46 each
Sliced almonds: $2.28
Burrito kit (includes wraps, sauce, etc.) $7.04
Two-litre container of four bean salad: $13.98

Here is a link to a similar post from November.


3 responses to “Grocery bills: This Saturday in Inuvik: Total is $115.01

  1. i feel very bad for bill, however if you choose to live so far up north this was bound to happen. Its unreasonable to expect to pay the same prices as other areas which are much more populated and closer to farms and the US and its farms.


    wow, its not as bad as i was expecting

  3. I often think the prices I pay for fruits and vegetables are way too high – but in comparison to Inuvik it’s cheap.
    I still remember the head of cabbage Northern had brought in when the road was closed. It was priced somewhere around $20 and just about everyone who went shopping there, would pick it up and then drop it in the bin again. I’m sure it became so mangled by this that they eventually had to throw it out. (Seems to me I’ve told this story here one time before…)

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