Spotted: Summer hares crossing the street

Hares are always nervous, but it is possible to get close if you don’t make too much noise.

During the summer they turn grey and enjoy a lot of cover from the leaves. These two were crossing the road about 10km outside of Inuvik near the airport.


4 responses to “Spotted: Summer hares crossing the street

  1. Pam Robertson

    Thank you for your beautiful photos. Our son just moved to Inuvik and I enjoy learning about the north through your website. Pam, Vancouver, BC

  2. Phil, I just want you to know how much I enjoy your wonderful pictures and commentaries. I have followed them for two years now, since my son and his wife moved to Inuvik, and you have provided a fascinating testimonial which clearly shows why they love the town and its people so much. Thank you, and please keep it up! I really look forward to your posts.

  3. I stumbled onto your blog looking for NWT restaurants. Nice blog! What food is unique to the area?

    • Aboriginal culture here of course revolves around ingredients which are not prepared a great deal; eaten as they are taken from the land. This area would be known for caribou meat, muskox meat, ptarmigan and rabbit meat as well as a variety of fish: arctic char, pike, whitefish, etc.

      There are also local berries (some are bitter, called cloudberries,) and we aso have cranberries and small blueberries: Tiny ones.

      Probably the most famous food up here is “muktuk” or beluga whale. That’s hunted on the coast and people eat big fatty chunks of beluga whale blubber…raw! It’s a lot of calories; chewy and oily and a little fishy. Like eating a chewy cube of cold bacon fat.

      Simple bread called “bannock” can be made in a cast-iron frying pan; a little bit like a scone.

      I have to say, Inuvik is not especially known for restaurants. The “country foods” I just mentioned are in fact famous but they’re made at the family level. There is no commercial availability for these things really.

      Thanks for the questions! Yellowknife and Whitehorse do have beautiful restaurants

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