Monthly Archives: June 2012

Golf course maintenance

Here’s the groundskeeper at Inuvik’s golf course, getting the course ready.

If you would like to see the golf course, why not check out this interview on Sun News with Inuvik mayor Denny Rodgers and Ezra Levant


Yes, you can bring your cat to Inuvik

You don’t see a lot of cats outdoors. This is because of the dog population and the temperature.

However, some people have cats. Flying them to Inuvik is apparently possible with airlines.

There are feral cats that live in the utilidors, but a few owners sometimes let their indoor cats venture outside for brief moments.

Old phone booth: No one calling anymore

Inuvik has cell-phone service and even *3g* service for iphones and blackberries.

Therefore, these jellystone park telephone booths are abandoned near the tourism centre.

Military plane above Inuvik

Canada’s armed forces often has search-and-rescues and different operations above Inuvik.

This model was seen above the community recently.

Road scenery on the way to Inuvik’s airport

Click on this photo to make it bigger. You get the sense of the immense scale and solitude you see on NWT roads.

Hot dog in the summer heat

Inuvik reached 31 degrees celcius this week. This dog wasn’t used to the heat outside the greenhouse, he was breathing heavily. (He was fine.)

Dogs, like people, become used to the cold climate and therefore over-react to summer heat.

‘Jigging’ classes at Ingamo Hall friendship centre

Country fiddle “square dancing” is popular here and it’s called “jigging” locally.

Ingamo Hall offers a dance class for young people after school.