Monthly Archives: May 2012

Small grey bird at the campgrounds: The toast thief

At the campground a small grey bird approaches, beguiled by some bread.

I think it’s a grey jay.


Ptarmigan on the side of the Dempster Highway

Here’s a ptarmigan walking along the Dempster Highway. The birds are now thinning out after the winter and losing their thicker feathers.

Construction begins on new daycare: Steel columns

Construction has begun on the Children First Society’s large new daycare. This facility is expected to cost about $5 million.

There is some fundraising left to do, but workers are already installing the steel columns which will support the building. This is accomplished by means of a large drill.

Permafrost means that Inuvik’s soil is always frozen. In summer it might get soft and loose, but you’re never more than four feet away from ice.

New birds arrive for the summer: Common Redpole

This little bird was spotted near the river today. It’s coat is grey, black and has bright red accents.

According to the Field Guide to Birds of the Western Arctic, it would appear to be a Common Redpole. The birds spend their summers further north but have also been seen as far south as Utah and Colorado.

Inuvik welcomes the summer: Main street

Summertime has arrived suddenly, with temperatures at 15 degrees celcius today.

As a result we see: Someone taking a child for a motorbike ride; a happy dog dripping like a wet mop; A family walking around with even the baby wearing sunglasses.

A breezy day at Aurora Research Institute

The Aurora Research Institute has a small wind turbine, used in a study on wind conditions in the arctic.

Today is was not moving, despite a light summer breeze.

Inuvik welcomes the summer: Melting snow

Water flows after eight months of snow.