Minus 47 outside this morning

There’s a lot of ice fog this morning. You can barely see down the street because everything is so white.

The weather service says it’s -40 celcius, but with the fog it’s supposed to feel like -47 below freezing.


5 responses to “Minus 47 outside this morning

  1. faithannebond

    … 47 below … good merciful heavens!
    … mind you … that beautiful dog in your photograph would appear to be taking the weather in stride … bless.

  2. I remember those days/weeks in January or February. At the end of a long run of bitterly cold weather, we finally had a balmy -20C and my then 5-yearold son could be outside and play. When called in for dinner, he came in rosy-cheeked and while he ripped off his toque, he exclaimed “Mom, it’s really WARM outside.”
    It’s all in what you compare to…

  3. wow. and i was complaining that i only got 2 crops of BANANAS this year cause the temp here got down to a bone chilling 50 degrees. [ uhhh that was ABOVE ZERO}

  4. Bring your worse, God
    Bring your worst!
    Your best
    Can take it

  5. Great picture, thanks !

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