Monthly Archives: March 2012

Firefighter training: Learning to wear the protective gear

Inuvik’s firefighters have breathing units, which are used for entering smoky or very hot buildings. An air tank on the back provides a few minutes of air.

Firefighters must learn to don their kit in just over two minutes.


Firefighter training: Learning about chemistry and how flames work

Inuvik has a contingent of 40 volunteer firefighters and one paid chief. I recently attended one day of a three-weekend training session.

In this unit, the firefighters learned about heat and fire.

Minus 47 outside this morning

There’s a lot of ice fog this morning. You can barely see down the street because everything is so white.

The weather service says it’s -40 celcius, but with the fog it’s supposed to feel like -47 below freezing.

Players from the BC Lions visit Inuvik, bring along Grey Cup

Canada’s football league is the CFL and the top team are the BC Lions. Three players visited the high school this week. They spoke about the many challenges which they had to overcome on their way to achieving their dream of playing pro football: Obstacles like not having fathers at home, being raised in poverty, even serving time in a young offenders’ facility.

It was an inspiring event and everyone had a great time.