Northern lights over Inuvik: Beautiful light

Saturday night, a week ago: Inuvik’s northern lights were the brightest I have ever seen. The lights move in the sky and are bright green.

A good idea when you see northern lights is to walk away from the light of town. There’s no comparison to seeing the northern lights and the stars on a clear evening.

Times like these, you look around and think ”what a wonderful place to live.”


3 responses to “Northern lights over Inuvik: Beautiful light

  1. … oh, how breathtakingly beautiful … thank you!

  2. When you see
    Bright Green Stripes in the Sky
    And Balls of Fire raising from the Horizon
    A big long wide Ice Road
    Calling you Forward
    You know you’re under the Influence
    High, High, High
    Up There…

  3. I just hope to see that amazing spectacle at least once in my life ! Lucky all of you who can do it.

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