The sun returns to the arctic circle

The sun is back!

It had been about 30 days since people in town had last seen it.

Now the days will continue to get longer by a few minutes a day.


4 responses to “The sun returns to the arctic circle

  1. could you PLEASE state the TIME of day that shot was taken????

  2. Hello! I am Estrella and I live in the Phillippines.

    I came across with your blog when my daughter ask me if I know something about Inuvik, Canada. I really didn’t know that such very interesting and unique place exists. I was already fascinated when my cousin had his vacation in Germany and told me the sun is still up at 11PM. That was so unusual to a place like us where the sun always rises as early as 5am and sets at 5pm and that’s everyday. Much more in your place! I never thought there is such a place. Now I am beginning to read your blog from start to end.

  3. And they will get colder as well ‘eh?

  4. Great photos, but they make me feel cold. I live in Madrid (Spain) and right now we have + 4º C and expecting first snow of the season. You must think I’m crazy !! Traffic a chaos with the snow. Thanks for the “site”. Michael, age 68.

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