Monthly Archives: January 2012

Flags ripped by the wind

These two flags at the Inuvik Regional Hospital whipped so fast they tore.

One hundred kilometre-an-hour wind causes damage!


Ice fog at night: -40c

Visibility gets very poor when the temperature gets cold. The ice fog tends to stay low to the ground at minus 40 celcius or colder.

Winter cycling, continued: Saturday groceries

Front rack and bungee cords allow for the carrying of groceries. Frozen foods arrive still frozen, of course…

Crews shoveling show, 8am

Here’s a shot of workers shoveling snow after the blizzard.

Strong winds continue today, with gusts about 50km/hour.

This shot also gives you an idea of the darkness in the morning just before 9am.

Frozen door

Here is the keyhole at the office. Cold temperatures outside.

Worst blizzard in years: Scenes from Inuvik

Inuvik is one of many communities hit by a blizzard today.

Winds were gusting to more than 90 kilometres an hour. Many people who tried to drive were getting stuck on the roads, and both the schools and government offices shut down.

These photos were taken today around 6pm

The sun returns to the arctic circle

The sun is back!

It had been about 30 days since people in town had last seen it.

Now the days will continue to get longer by a few minutes a day.