Grocery shopping: Stanton’s grocery store

Stanton’s is one of Inuvik’s three grocery stores. They carry produce, dry foods, cans and bread which they sell frozen.

It’s an excellent store which is geared a little more towards large orders. Most people bring their cars and stock up on boxes of food.

The ice crossings which intercut the Dempster Highway recently opened, which means we have more fresh food coming in.


2 responses to “Grocery shopping: Stanton’s grocery store

  1. i was wondering about winter deliveries (plane vs. truck and so forth). about how often do they arrive? i would assume it varies based on conditions. the frozen bread makes sense–something else i never considered until you wrote about it.

  2. ah how I used to love making trips to Inuvik from McPhoo solely to go there…and the liquor store.

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