Inuvik’s Mosque under northern lights

Northern lights were swirling above Inuvik recently. The mosque (now installed a year ago and counting!) has a bright spire with a crescent moon.


8 responses to “Inuvik’s Mosque under northern lights

  1. Awesome – thank you for taking the time to continue posting – I enjoy tremendously

  2. Where is the mosque situated in town?

  3. salut,
    je vois que depuis 5/12 la nuit polaire c’est instalĂ© chez vous? Comment ca se passe, la vie dans le noire?

  4. Amazing shots Phil…the community has come a long way.

  5. Heeeeeeeeeee…..are you slipping Phil????? Depuis que la nuit polaire s’est instalĂ©e chez vous nous n’avons plus de nouvelles d’Inuvik.

  6. Hi Phil,
    Thanks for the beautiful photos. I’ve created a tag for this mosque on Wikimapia ( But, I’m not sure if I’ve positioned the mosque at the right location as the underlying imagery on Wikimapia is out of date.

    I hope you can assist in relocating it to the correct location? You can do this by going to the tag and clicking it once. Then, select “resize outline (polygon)” from the drop-down menu and move it to the correct place.

    May I also suggest that you upload your photos to the tags created in Inuvik? Thanks in advance.

    Azhar from Malaysia

  7. Allahuakbar, I hope I will have opportunity to pray in the mousque soon.

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