Monthly Archives: December 2011

Mario pipes: The utilidors

Here’s a section of the town’s utilidors, which looks like a big red bolt.

The utilidors need a lot of repair in some parts, they are getting old…


Videoconference: Vancouver to Inuvik

Parks Canada recently set up a videoconference between Grade 4 students in Inuvik and Vancouver.

The BC class was on a field trip at the Vancouver Aquarium. They were learning about the arctic and got to ask a few questions from the young people in Inuvik, and vice-versa.

The Vancouver children were impressed to learn about the lack of sunlight this time of year, how cold it was, etc.

A neat little exchange.

Purple and blue hues at 11am

Here’s the sun-glow starting to appear on a lazy Christmas weekend…just before noon.

Grocery shopping: Stanton’s grocery store

Stanton’s is one of Inuvik’s three grocery stores. They carry produce, dry foods, cans and bread which they sell frozen.

It’s an excellent store which is geared a little more towards large orders. Most people bring their cars and stock up on boxes of food.

The ice crossings which intercut the Dempster Highway recently opened, which means we have more fresh food coming in.

Signs from the Inuvialuktun class

A small group of people take Inuvialuit-language courses at the recreation centre every week.

Here are some signs, with colourful reminders of words and phrases.

Inuvik’s gym facilities: Open 24 hours a day

During the winter it’s always a good idea to get active. Inuvik has great gym facilities which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The passes are only about $40 a month and you get a magnetic swipe card. You can stop by any time. There are treadmills, weights, rowing machines, presses, stair machines and more.

Nice to see: A solid doghouse

It’s always nice to see a dog with a well-built and roomy doghouse. Often here you see dogs tied to posts and exposed to the elements.

This one even has a name tag and lucky horseshoe. To whoever did this: well done!