Halloween lights in Inuvik

Northern lights were bright on Halloween. The temperature was about 20 degrees celcius below freezing, and they appeared around 9pm.

When the northern lights appear, it’s a good idea to walk outside of town to get away from the town’s lights. Stars appear and the sky becomes much clearer when you get away from this “light pollution.”

Idea: Would the north be a good place for a telescope?


4 responses to “Halloween lights in Inuvik

  1. Hey Phil,
    I think the amount of days we have that overcast in the dark parts of the year make it unfavorable I think but It sure is awesome when the sky opens up!

  2. PIc # “3′ is very mystical. great shot.

  3. yay Northern lights! I’m here thanks to your reddit post.

    I live in Iqaluit and bought a telescope second-hand a week or so ago. So far I haven’t had a chance to use it due to cloudy weather, and the weather forecast for the next week isn’t looking promising either. But I’m sure when it finally clears up there will be some awesome stargazing.

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