Monthly Archives: September 2011

Election 2011: Four candidates for Inuvik Boot Lake riding

Inuvik is split into two electoral districts: Inuvik Twin Lakes and Inuvik Boot Lake.

Last night, candidates for Inuvik Boot lake had a debate. Pictured here are: (from top) Paul Voudrach, Chris Larocque, Grant Gowans, and Alfred Moses.

In the riding of Inuvik Twin Lakes: Robert C McLeod has been acclaimed.


Street hockey

The most Canadian thing you can imagine: Young people yelling “car!” and moving the net from the road.

Back from vacations! Here’s a fox in the tall grass

I am back from vacations in Ottawa. Today while cycling in town I saw a fox. He was too quick to catch in a good photo.

As you can see, the fox’s camouflage is especially useful this time of year, when leaves are a mix of yellow, orange and brown.