“Ramadan Kareem” from Inuvik’s Midnight Sun Mosque!

It’s Ramadan and the members of Inuvik’s muslim community are marking the holy month. An interesting question: How does one fast during sunlight hours, when the sun shines almost 24 hours a day? The answer is that local muslims follow Winnipeg’s prayer times. They fast from about 4am to 9pm. (Notice the caribou in the arabic writing chart.)


5 responses to ““Ramadan Kareem” from Inuvik’s Midnight Sun Mosque!

  1. I’ll show this to the youths living at Pangea here in Arjeplog. They need to see how other muslims deal with Ramadan while living north of the Arctic Circle.

  2. Beautiful people in the Beautiful land!!! So you have to fast for 17 hours i guessed..I will let my children know about this. Bye and Asalamualaikum.

  3. ..and thanks alot Phil for sharing this..

  4. I’ve worked with a number of muslims over the years in places where the sun poses a similiar problem they told me there are three solutions that they adopt.

    You follow it to the local time and take the good with the bad, i.e limited fasting when ramadan is in the winter but tough it out in summer,

    Follow the times of the next nearest muslim country

    or do 12 hours, 6 till 6.

    but apparently they said once you pick one thats it, you can’t change your mind once one of the other options becomes easier as long as you are living int hat location.

  5. I was wondering and thinking how is going to end the decumentary film I saw on Swedish tvplay about the building moske on far north. The heavy transport, the gathering of money, how the paople specially the local people that are extreme tolorant, beautiful and with good heart have cooperated in every step. I have respect for everyone down there. And you oslem brothers and sisters have a lot do to pay back the good deeds and show the real islam with full respect. I wish good luck together living in harmony.

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