Monthly Archives: July 2011

Great Northern Arts Festival 2011: Spectacular features a gallery of the Great Northern Arts Festival. This year’s event was spectacular: More than 70 artists visited. 

See the full gallery by clicking here.


Midnight watch: Bright and sunny here

Here’s the midnight sun, at the exact second of midnight. The photo is a little overexposed, but you get the idea. Summer is bright here!

Happy Aboriginal Day 2011

Good news! I thought I had lost these photos of Aboriginal Day in late June.

The annual BBQ and games day is always a highlight of living in Inuvik.

By the way, this summer has been remarkably mosquito-free.

Canadian rangers on guard

Here are two Canadian rangers, from the opening of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

They served as a ceremonial guard.

Double-take: A bear in a pickup truck

I have to admit, my eyes popped when I saw this: A renewable resource officer truck carrying a stuffed bear.

The taxidermied bear was being carried outside of the old Sir Alexandre Mackenzie School. For a minute I thought it was alive!

Truth and Reconciliation Commission, part 2

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s national event opened with the ceremonial lighting of a seal-oil lamp called a Qulliq.

These types of lamps have kept people alive in the arctic for thousands of years.

Check it out! Inuvik Quayak club

Great link from Kevin Floyd. People are learning the art and science of building traditional-style Quayaks in Inuvik.

Look at those lines! What a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.