Another day begins at Sir Alexander Mackenzie School

Seen here: Two young students walk to class on top of a raised metal structure called a utilidor. (The ground is frozen, therefore it would be too costly and complicated to bury things like sewage and water lines.)


3 responses to “Another day begins at Sir Alexander Mackenzie School

  1. just wondering–there’s quite a bit of snow still on the ground; about when does it disappear for the season? it caught my attention particularly because down here in new york, i just planted radishes.
    it’s also interesting how those of us without a need for utilidors don’t give much thought to how much of our infrastructure is actually under ground, including power lines….

    • Hello Lisa,

      As of May 16, 2011, we still have snow on the ground. In fact, the ice road was still open as of May 13, 2011. Although I hear it is closed now.

      • hi, Rolland! thanks for the info; i’m something of a geography nut, and it’s interesting to compare my hometown (Cheektowaga) to places like Inuvik or Orlando. we had snow to mid-april, which for us is pretty late; mud season was tough n the dog this year.

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