Monthly Archives: May 2011

Squirrel in the spring time

Squirrels are starting to busy themselves with tasks in the spring; the obsessive gathering of every food source and the avoidance of predators.

This little guy was spotted in the branches of a pine tree, around Boot Lake.


Birds in the springtime

Birds are everywhere these days as the weather is now in the mid-20-celcius range.

Seen here: A worm-seeking robin, a raven waiting on the frozen Boot Lake, a bald eagle, and another robin perched on a high tree.

Congratulations to Aklavik Delta Drummers and Dancers

Aklavik’s Delta Drummers and Dancers were recently invited to perform in Toronto for the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada.

Here they are performing in Aklavik, closing the official Truth and Reconciliation hearing on residential schools.

The Mackenzie River, melting…

It won’t be long now until the river clears out. Bring on the summer!

Last drive on the ice road to Aklavik: Thursday May 12!

The ice road to Aklavik broke all records this year. It lasted until May 12!

These photos were taken around 10pm; the road was closed the very next day.

Western Arctic Research Institute: Nice architecture and design!

A new building, in partnership with Aurora College, is getting ready to open in Inuvik.

The Western Arctic Research Institute was funded by the federal government to provide lab space and meeting rooms for visiting scientists. There will also be an effort to involve local people and have them see the research work that’s happening.

This is a beautiful and modern building, designed in an open and energy-efficient style, with exposed concrete, steel walkways, etc. Looks great!

Inuvik firefighters’ ball 2011: Now here’s a side of Inuvik you might not expect!

Inuvik’s fire department is staffed by volunteers. About 30 people are part of the agency, which has some great camaraderie. Most of the volunteers don’t have jobs in emergency services; they can be called from their jobs or beds at any time when a fire happens.

The Firefighters’ Ball is Inuvik’s way of saying thanks. Every year the department throws a bash. There’s a Rookie of the Year Award as well as the Boner of the Year Award for the biggest on-the-job mistake.

The firefighters also recognize a firefighter of the year. The ball has a theme and this year it was “Outer Space.”

As you can see, pop-culture is everywhere. We have common heroes, villains, characters, icons and people love to dress for an occasion!