Monthly Archives: April 2011

Eagles flying over Inuvik

Bald eagles have been seen soaring around lately. The very majestic birds are common here during this time of year.

They seem to enjoy the town landfill, and also making large gliding circles above town.


Inuvik at midnight: We’re getting 24-hour illumination

Walking around at 12:30am last night, unable to sleep.

Looking around at a very illuminated Inuvik, and realizing: 24-hour sunlight is now here.

Happy Gwich’in Day 2011: Smoked fish and caribou stew for everyone

Today, April 21st was Gwich’in Day. 

There was a barbecue lunch in Inuvik in front of the Chief Jim Koe building, with ingredients provided by local people. This means caribou stew, reindeer soup, smoked arctic char, dry whitefish and more. 

The final photo is a fruitcake loaf with berries, which are picked in the hills around the region here.

Happy Gwich’in Day everybody, and hello to any Gwich’in readers out there!

Spring is getting to Inuvik slowly

Around this time of year (mid-April) you can start to see snow melting over the streets.

That means a few sparks from snowmobiles as they cross from side to side.

Watching the snowmobile races

Here’s one last shot from the jamboree: Fans watching the snowmobiles at high speeds on the frozen Mackenzie River and Boot Lake.

“Arctic Challenge” ice road ultra-marathon raises almost $20,000 for homeless shelter

Third photo courtesy Merven Gruben: Ultra-marathon runner Alicja Barahona ran 370 km from Inuvik to Tuk and back in under a week.

Local runners took a bus and ran alongside her, for the last 30km of her journey.

The fundraiser — which took place at -30 —- gathered almost $20,000 for the Inuvik Homeless Shelter.

Muskrat Jamboree: Fun on the Mackenzie River

Here are some outdoor photos from the Muskrat Jamboree. It’s a wonderful time of year, which features games such as:

-Tea boiling contest: (Fastest to build a fire and make tea)
-Log sawing
-Foot races
-Nail driving contest (Who’s the fastest carpenter?)