Monthly Archives: March 2011

CBC radio item: Digital translators being used in schools

Schools in the western arctic are using these devices called Phraselators. They’re portable translators which allow the recording and playback of language.

The CBC show Spark has put a link to my item about phraselators. Click below and then scroll down to hear it.


Here comes the sun

An airplane on a bright sunny day.

We now have sunlight for at least 12 hours a day, and the days keep getting longer.

Fire at Midtown Market

The convenience store was recently damaged in a fire. It’s being investigated as arson..

Stories from the elders (GREAT link)

This is an important link. Click to hear stories of elders from across the Northwest territories.

If you want to find out about real life in the NWT, this is your best place to start! A wonderful project and I am glad to have discovered it.

Heavy snow this season

Two more from last weekend’s blizzard.

What’s common for Quebec or Ontario is very unusual for the NWT.

Mighty pup in the Inuvik Drum

Seen in the Inuvik Drum: An ad for a missing dog. (Not in Inuvik, I believe in Hay River.)

Notice he’s standing on top of a seal!

Worst blizzard in years cuts off phones, internet for almost 4 days

What a rough weekend!

Inuvik was hit by a very strong blizzard. Temperatures dipped to -40 celcius and the winds were gusting at 70 kilometres an hour.

The blizzard also knocked out the internet, cell-phone service, bank machines, Interac card service and any calls other than local calls for three-and-a-half days.

It has been called the most serious blizzard in years. Quite amazing to see the power of nature.