Photo from Maia Lepage: Northern lights

This photo was recently taken by Maia Lepage, and she agreed to share it on this blog. She teaches a photography course at Aurora College here in Inuvik.

The northern lights have been spectacular lately!


5 responses to “Photo from Maia Lepage: Northern lights

  1. WOW! COming north to experience the northern lights is on my bucket list so someday we need to travel north in the winter not summer. Thanks for sharing this beauty.

  2. very very beautiful.
    but WAY to perfect.
    An unparalleled ACADEMIC masterpiece for sure…
    .Has everything going for it but “spirit” or soul…….

  3. Dear Emerald
    Ephemeral Soothing Peace
    You are Everything
    Blood Red
    Is Not

  4. у нас тоже на севере бываю сияния 🙂

  5. Beautiful, is now my computer background :).

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