Sunset of many colours

The sun sets over Mackenzie street, around 5pm


2 responses to “Sunset of many colours

  1. One thing about your blog that i enjoy is the educational aspect passed on.
    I have a different perspective about your “arctic” winter” and how light affects you .
    IF the sun is now setting about 5 PM. well thats the same down here in California and your days of course are getting longer., what you people are NOT getting is just a few months of light,which is made up in the summer season by way to much light….SO its truly nature in its own balance. and to observe it through your postings makes it much more understandable down in the end of the planet. .. Yet in the tropics is 12 sunlight 12 night time all year around, and thats not really much fun. I would prefer it the way you have it. Here in California we get maybe15 hours of light on summer solstice and 11 hours winter darkness..
    well one thing for sure.
    there is NO place on EARTH like the WORLD!!!!!!!!! hhehehehe
    thanks for sharing……..

  2. Totally. Everywhere I go people are always asking me how dark it is. It’s not…really. What nobody talks about is that there is no darkness whatsoever from April until August.

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