Quincies on the lake

Some visitors from Germany recently built some quincies on the lake. These are emergency-style shelter made with packed snow.

To make a quincy you must…

1. Pack snow into a mound
2. Find sticks about a foot and a half long
3. Poke the sticks into the snow mound
4. Dig the inside of the mound until you reach the sticks. This ensures a uniform thickness of the walls.



6 responses to “Quincies on the lake

  1. Great pictures!

    I have been in a quincie – at Winterlude in Ottawa – but didn’t know the name before. Also, I think my dad camped in one for several days as a part of a winter survival military course.

    Keep writing and sharing your great pictures! I love to see them – and glad to see that you are getting some sun these days.

    Sarah – one of Ashli’s many cousins 🙂

  2. THanks for this so now I know quince aren’t just plums. I love seeing your part of the world in the winter from the comfort of my home down south. Keep it up, this is fascinating.

  3. There’s a fair amount of debate on how to spell the name of those snow shelters. I just ended up calling them “snow huts” or “snow caves”.

    Here’s a video I did on the making and un-making of one:

  4. Awesome video Michael! This is great, just showing how things are done

  5. GREAT survival technique. never saw one of those before…..thanks for sharing…:)

  6. Quincy wait is long
    When you hide there
    With your rifle
    Keeping your scent in
    Praying God
    To send a fur blanket
    For your new-born baby girl
    Walking in range soon

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