Monthly Archives: February 2011

Welcome to Inuvik: Sunlight on the tarmac

From Inuvik’s airport. The support crew waits for a gleaming First Air flight.


Photo from Maia Lepage: Northern lights

This photo was recently taken by Maia Lepage, and she agreed to share it on this blog. She teaches a photography course at Aurora College here in Inuvik.

The northern lights have been spectacular lately!

Quincies on the lake

Some visitors from Germany recently built some quincies on the lake. These are emergency-style shelter made with packed snow.

To make a quincy you must…

1. Pack snow into a mound
2. Find sticks about a foot and a half long
3. Poke the sticks into the snow mound
4. Dig the inside of the mound until you reach the sticks. This ensures a uniform thickness of the walls.


Sunset of many colours

The sun sets over Mackenzie street, around 5pm

Video tour: CBC office in Inuvik

Here’s a video tour of the Inuvik office of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.