The open road: Tuktoyaktuk part 1

Some friends and I recently travelled to Tuktoyaktuk for a Sunday trip. It’s about a three-hour drive between communities. Here is the car on the frozen ocean ice road.

The sky was overcast, and there was little difference between the colour of the ice road and the sky. Only a thin horizon line, visible in every direction.

Here are the faintly visible pingoes.


3 responses to “The open road: Tuktoyaktuk part 1

  1. that has to be one of the most SPECTACULAR and mystical, soul seraching and spiritual shot EVER. AWSOME … BEAUTIFUL. .. LOVED it . its your BEST shot .. EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!! BRAVO to you and your creative eye.
    you could win a PRIZE in a photo contest with that shot… hands down..

  2. the second one without the AUTO is also fantastic.. but the FIRST one in the post is TOTALLY OVER THE TOP as far a s composition goes…….

  3. When North and South
    East and West
    Up and Down
    Port and Starboard
    Don’t mean Nothing
    No more
    Don’t speak
    To Dear God
    On their knees

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