Inuvik’s jogging club: Ice road runners!

These photos were taken today by running coach Cynthia J. Wicks (at bottom right). As you can see, Inuvik has an outdoor jogging club which continues year-round. It’s probably the northernmost chapter of the Running Room group which has sessions across Canada twice a week.

Saturday mornings are reserved for long, slow-paced distance runs. Today instead of jogging around town, we ran at a slow pace for 12 kilometres on the ice road, going towards Tuktoyaktuk and then turning back.

The method is ten minutes of running, then one minute of walking to cool down.

It’s an exhilarating experience to run outdoors in the winter, because your hair and eyelashes can freeze up. Still, your body produces a lot of heat so it’s not uncomfortable.

Many people (myself included!) are building up to this summer’s Midnight Sun Fun Run half-marathon.


7 responses to “Inuvik’s jogging club: Ice road runners!

  1. Donna-Lynn Baskin

    SO much fun!! I wish I could join you you but I am cheering you all on from the sidelines. Running the ice road is a unique northern experience. Its is a fundamentally different gait and feel from land surface. It would be an interesting idea to plan a half marthon on the ice-road – maybe around jamboree time.

  2. Hi Donna-Lynn

    Thanks for the message! I don’t know what exactly motivated me to start running distances like this…I guess it was many puzzle pieces which finally snapped into place. It’s been great though!

  3. I’m so thrilled to see you intrepid ice runners! I’m moving to Inuvik in about a month and I guess I will come and join you! What do you wear for outdoor running up there?


    • Multiple layers of thin clothing works best. Thick socks with regular running shoes, and then a shell which has a windbreaker. The important thing is to be covered against the wind, but the cold isn’t that big of an issue. I wear long underwear, jogging pants, etc.

  4. You’ll have to run very fast
    In weather dreadful
    And not let go
    For your next birthday
    Not to catch up

  5. I am coming from St. Louis, Missouri, USA this year to do the Midnight Sun Fun Run on June 18. Can you help me find our more information about this event for 2011?

  6. Hi there,
    I will be visiting my brothers in Inuvik July 15-21 and would like to join the Run club for a run while I’m there… please text me a phone number so I can hook up with some of you.
    thanks so much
    Pam Petrin 780-995-8628

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