Return of the sun 2011

The sun is almost visible behind the mountains, during the lunch hour. It should only be a few days before it’s high in the sky.

In the meanwhile, people can enjoy these long and colourful sunrises, which then fade into sunsets after about three hours of light.



2 responses to “Return of the sun 2011

  1. MAGIC. total magic. wonderful shot..
    did you know that when the sun “SETS” the word actually came from the egyptian god “SET” as he was the one that took the sun out of the sky which created the night..
    the sun RISES.[ that was made possible by the god HORUS]..
    but it also does “SET”.. [ the GOD of darkness]
    cool bit of trivia eh????????

  2. When rosy-fingered morning
    Touched my face
    Puffed as the moon
    Life returned
    At thankful last

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