The CBC office over the holidays

During the Christmas holidays I held the fort at CBC Inuvik. (The bureau usually has three people, with responsibilities for Northwind, news and the Inuvialuktun-language program Tusaavik.)

Here’s a shot set up with a tripod and timer.


6 responses to “The CBC office over the holidays

  1. That place is WAY smaller than it was when I was there. We had a ton of wasted space. It looks like you’re making much better use of it.

    • This is the control panel on our monitors. We can hear the different CBC channels. Not all the buttons are used but there are many presets; it’s a way to monitor and make sure that something is broadcasting. For instance: if the power goes out in Inuvik, our local transmitter goes down. People can’t hear us in Inuvik: However, we can check to hear if we’re broadcasting in Yellowknife.

  2. Robert Tailleur

    Salut Philippe, il y a que les plus vaillants qui travaillent durant les fêtes, lache pas. Blog très interressant.

    Robert Tailleur
    Roquemaure Que ( Abitibi )

  3. Midnight oil
    Lubricates business
    But makes meals

  4. Is that the pit. Hi to Wanda , miss CBC Inuvik and all former Staff, best years from 1979 to 1988. I was an evening and weekend T/A. Lots of good memories from that era.

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