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Haggis in Inuvik: Robert Burns night at the Legion

Tonight at the Legion Hall was Robert Burns night — a tribute to the famous Scottish bard.

The Legion’s volunteers had a very special list of ingredients sent by plane to Inuvik — including the material for haggis: the heart, lungs and liver of a sheep cooked with oatmeal and boiled in its own stomach.

It was delicious.

Robert Burns night is equal parts serious tradition and silliness. After all, the main course is brought in with a near-military reverence and a bagpipe escort.


Ice fog at night

When it gets very cold, there is an ice fog which covers the town.

Sometimes you can only see down the street.

Ravens: Keeping warm at 40 below

This bird was staying close to the heat vents on the Sir Alexandre Mackenzie School, when temperatures dipped to -40 celcius this week.

Sun rising over Inuvik: 12:30 on Sunday

Video: Swirling snow on a cold night

This was recorded around 7pm, walking on Mackenzie street. Note the swirling patterns on the pavement.

Remember to watch in HD

Now back to Inuvik, where the sun has returned!

(click for larger size)

Here is the sun returning over Boot Lake, with a pink sky. This image was taken during my lunchtime walk to the post office, around 1pm.

Visiting an igloo: Tuktoyaktuk part 6

Tuktoyaktuk recently had an igloo-building contest for its sunrise festival.

This “family-size” igloo was declared the winner, because it was the closest to the traditional shelters which have been used here for thousands of years.

As you can see, an Igloo is very hard to spot from the outside. However, the thin walls allow light to filter into a pleasing blue light.