Syllabic language…what a press release

This fax arrived at the CBC station today. Looks like….maybe diabetes awareness information?

No one in the office reads this language, it appears to be syllabics from the eastern arctic.


3 responses to “Syllabic language…what a press release

  1. C’mon Phil! It’s easy to learn how to read syllabics! 🙂

  2. Fascinating. It must be from Northern Ontario. I wonder if they meant to send it to Rankin or Iqaluit.

    The other day, I showed a friend of mine my picket sign from the 2005 lockout. It’s been autographed by Charlie Panigoniak from the Rankin station. He wrote something in Inuktitut on it, and I’ve never known what it said. My friend, who’s a white guy from Yellowknife, immediately started to read it and explain what all of the sounds meant. I think it would be relatively easy to read once you memorised the sounds, sort of like how I can sound out German even though I have no idea what the words mean.

  3. Words carved in stone
    Double spellchecked
    By the editors
    Going on Air

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