Listen to “CBQM” Radio online!

(Above: Listening to CBQM at the Peel River Jamboree, in years past.)

Did you know? You can listen to Fort McPherson’s little radio station CBQM online.

The address is:

This little radio station is the lifeline of the community. It features messages, good country music and even a weekly radio show by members of the RCMP.

Radio is important in Fort McPherson because it can reach people who are out hunting, travelling or at their cabins.

You’ll remember, CBQM was the subject of a documentary film by Dennis Allen.


5 responses to “Listen to “CBQM” Radio online!

  1. hi… I’m trying to listen live to CBQM but have trouble with the link.
    any tips? Saw Dennis Allen’s film when I was in Dawson City a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty great. And the radio station is just amazing.

    I’d love to listen to it now and then from Chicago if it’s still available streaming. Nice pix too by the way. Made it a bit up the Dempster in Janurary and again in July… but never as far as Fort McPherson. Maybe next time!

  2. This radio station is great! I especially like Cst. Byron from the RCMP. He is always so funny and has such a great taste in music…. keep playing the Phil Collins!

  3. CBQM is coming online soon again.

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