Interesting device, the “wake-up light” for dark communities

These days in Inuvik the sun is rising at lunchtime and sets at 3:30.

I like the idea of “fooling” the body’s clock. Furthermore, some of these comments are the same as what you hear in Inuvik.

(Note: There are also light timers with dimmers available, which means you can get the same effect for less.)


4 responses to “Interesting device, the “wake-up light” for dark communities

  1. This is a great idea! Thanks for the post.

  2. that was a WONDERFUL bit of news. thanks for sharing
    Heres an interesting bit of info you might like.,
    I use a energy efficient bulbs which have ” bright white light”..
    there are times i go into one of my other rooms during the night when its pitch black. these white lights look EXACTLY like SUNLIGHT in its colour spectrum when they turn on
    . some of my neighbors use them as “grow lights” for their orchids. They are WONDERFUL, and very energy efficient. Ive been doing that for years now.
    LED lights en masse can do the same thing. and are VERY inexpensive to run rather than a incandescent bulb .
    These lights can be put on TIMERS also.
    If you were to walk into a dark room for example you would now know its NOT sunlight that how sophisticated they have created a colour spectrum.

  3. cool video. i wonder if the light would actually wake you up. i might buy one because i hate alarm clocks so much.

  4. Marc – if your body is tuned to wake up with light then the light should work. Some can sleep no matter whether it is dark or light, others get up at a specified time every day no matter what. Try the light and experiment with life.

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