Question from reader: What is a good gift?

“Dear Phil,
just came across your blog and loved it! I am heading up to Inuvik for the first time in a little over a week. I live in Victoria, BC and will be stopping in Yellowknife for five days first. I am heading North to finish research on a book and will be visiting quite a few Inuvialuit elders and I would like to bring them each a small gift. One idea I had was oranges or some other fruit that could make the trip. Do you have any ideas of what would be considered a treat, due to the prices in the Inuvik grocery? Or is there something else? If there is a Tim Hortons in Yellowknife I could bring some timbits as well, but just looking for something else.

Thanks for any suggestions,”


Anyone have any suggestions?


2 responses to “Question from reader: What is a good gift?

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to remember what could make a good gift… I would think in useful things they could use… I remember I had a co-worker I love very much and she has a little daughter, I used to give her beautiful toys for her daughter, coats, things to use at home… those things always make them very happy… Other thing I would imagine would be cigars, (which I wouldn’t give myself, I don’t approve smoking, lol) good coffee… It’s just an idea… I hope it helps some… 🙂
    And thank you very much for your pictures, I really love them!! 🙂

  2. Inuvialuit, especially elders are very polite… any gift from a guest in their home will be appreciated and well received… especially if it is from the heart…

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