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Listen to “CBQM” Radio online!

(Above: Listening to CBQM at the Peel River Jamboree, in years past.)

Did you know? You can listen to Fort McPherson’s little radio station CBQM online.

The address is:

This little radio station is the lifeline of the community. It features messages, good country music and even a weekly radio show by members of the RCMP.

Radio is important in Fort McPherson because it can reach people who are out hunting, travelling or at their cabins.

You’ll remember, CBQM was the subject of a documentary film by Dennis Allen.


Late night in black and white, part 2

Inuvik is very quiet in the evenings.

Here you can see the New North Networks dome, heat rising from buildings, some very young boys walking around past midnight, and people outside the late-night fast food place China Express.

Greenhouse at night

Here is the Greenhouse, at a time of the year when nothing is happening.

We now have only a few hours’ worth of sunlight per day.

Homes and sheds

Some of the row houses have storage units, which are less colourful.

Residence at the hospital: new and improved

The hospital residence has new siding. Looking very good!

This is a building where visiting staff often live.

Interesting device, the “wake-up light” for dark communities

These days in Inuvik the sun is rising at lunchtime and sets at 3:30.

I like the idea of “fooling” the body’s clock. Furthermore, some of these comments are the same as what you hear in Inuvik.

(Note: There are also light timers with dimmers available, which means you can get the same effect for less.)

Inuvik’s cross-country ski trails

Inuvik has some world-class cross-country ski trails.

As you can see, many people enjoy taking their skis a few kilometres out of town, away from snowmobiles or road noise.