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New tower added to mosque

Inuvik’s new mosque is getting renovated before the opening ceremonies. As you can see, a pillar with a crescent moon has now been added outside.


Dog from Afghanistan, now in Inuvik

Here’s a fun and interesting story.
A man living in Invuik recently returned from Afghanistan, and while he was there he adopted a dog! It flew all the way here, and then tried to escape on the first day. Luckily people managed to find it.
Read the story here at CBC North

Views from Fort McPherson: Public consultations on Peel Watershed

Public consultations happen often in the NWT. Here we see people in Fort McPherson.

Last month they were asked to comment on proposed mining and other development in the Peel Watershed, which is a large area between the NWT and Yukon; one of Canada’s largest pristine freshwater ecosystems.

Here is the article I prepared for CBC.

Now the results of consultations are being posted online, at

For an aboriginal perspective on the Peel River Watershed, you can also see this video prepared by people in the Yukon.

Dogs of Inuvik, continued..

Here is another dog with blue eyes, seen in town. He’s a scruffy one.

New town of Inuvik website

Check it out, it’s live now at

A request for short-term accomodations: Can anyone help?


I was wondering if you knew of any good places to find short term accommodations? While in Inuvik, for the majority of my time I will be in the residence at the hospital. Though there are 9 nights that there is no room for me. I have checked out the hotels and I can’t afford their rates, do you know of any other alternatives or where to look?


Requests like these are often sent my way. Is there a place in Inuvik which is somewhere between an apartment and a hotel room? Leave a comment in the discussions if you can help.

Lauron apartments and new research institute

The Lauron apartment has an interesting shape. Behind it is part of the new Aurora Research Institute.