New plates in the NWT: blue bear

Here are the newly-redesigned plates for the NWT.

Apparently, we needed more airbrush, and little bears inside the original bear…

Why change a classic design in the first place?

The new plates list the NWT’s motto of “spectacular.”


4 responses to “New plates in the NWT: blue bear

  1. They needed some new “security features”. All they really needed to do was add some holographic fangs. Now THAT would have been cool.

  2. Yeah, as I understand it, the redesign was just along for the ride. The real reason was that the old plates weren’t nearly reflective enough.

  3. I got mine on the first day they were out. I had made up my mind to hate it as another waste of tax dollars, but actually, I like it. I’ll like it more when they give me my old numbers back though. I liked my five-digit plate.

  4. I don’t know how they can tell they are more reflective – they are usually covered in snow or mud.

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