Two large insects

Here are two bugs spotted in the wild.

Despite the permafrost and the cold temperatures, there is a thriving insect world in the arctic.


5 responses to “Two large insects

  1. Wow, cicadas. I can never get a photo of them. Was it fairly cold, or are you like Zorro with a camera?

  2. cool photos; they make me think of how my dog tries to eat the cicada shells he finds in the yard…

  3. Suzanne Carriere

    The top one is a grasshopper, the lower one may be a queen ant. Will check.

  4. Suzanne Carriere

    Here is the answer on the second photo:

    This is a horntail. The species is Urocerus flavicornis (in the literature called U. gigas flavicornis). If you have more images of this species, I would like to get permission to use a side view of this species for my siricid paper.

    Henri Goulet
    Research Scientist (Entomology) | Chercheur (entomologie)
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    Gouvernement du Canada | Government of Canada

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