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Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff in Inuvik

Liberal Leader and potential future Prime Minister of Canada Michael Ignatieff visited Inuvik four weeks ago.

His visit was much less formal than Harper’s visit, but he spoke about northern issues with more detail, going into specific challenges such as delays on land claims negotiations and the Mackenzie Valley pipeline.


Inuvik Heritage Day fair: Many cultures here in the arctic

Inuvik recently held a Heritage Day. People from different cultures came to showcase their traditions.

These photos were featured on CBC North’s Facebook page. You can see Ethiopian dancing, the Filipino community and more.

Inuvik in the fall: quick, post these before the snow arrives!

(Note: I am far behind on posts, and I apologize!)

Here are some scenes from Invuik a few weeks ago, in early September.

The season is short but we get some of the nicest fall colours you’ll see anywhere.

Soundslide at CBC: New Mosque arrives in Inuvik

Inuvik’s newest place of worship has arrived. It’s a mosque, which was shipped up after years of fundraising by the Muslim community.

Here is the coverage on CBC North, which includes a soundslide.

Another cool bird on the side of the Dempster

Funky chicken, this one…

Can anyone tell me the species? Is it a grouse?

Muskrat on the side of the Dempster Highway

Here is a muskrat on the side of the Dempster Highway.

Probably trying to get away from town, before people start looking for new hats and mittens…

Wasting meat is a crime in the NWT

This sign was at the post office. If you’re going to kill a caribou, eat the whole thing or share with someone else..