Northern bumper sticker: Eat seal, wear seal

Here is a bumper sticker, which comes from the Eastern Arctic. It encourages people to take pride in the seal hunt.


7 responses to “Northern bumper sticker: Eat seal, wear seal

  1. thats a FIRST for me. and i have seen a LOT. thanks for shareing:)

  2. They also come in black 😀

  3. Not as catchy but less of a public health hazard:

    “Eat seal – considered unfit for human consumption everywhere else in the civilized world.”


    “Eat seal, ingest PCBs, get liver disease, liver cancer, endocrine disruption, lowered immune response, birth defects, and brain damage to your children before and after birth.”

  4. wow, i’d put that one on my car, even in suburbia. what so many people don’t realize when they think they’re “saving” something by banning or restricting its use, is that they’re usually taking away the livelihood of a particular group of people, whether it’s the fur industry or something as ordinary as chicken farming. if it’s done responsibly and with an open mind, it isn’t necessarily destructive or negative…

  5. It’s not anyone’s livelihood… Commercial sealing is a very short seasonal job for a very small group of people. The EI they get off of it is their actual livelihood, and they could get it just as well from some other brain-dead job.

  6. that makes sense; thanks for the info. but i was also speaking in general terms about how some people see a topic and then rush to judgment with too few facts. for example, an old friend of mine grew up on a dairy farm in rural vermont. when we were in college, some people would give her snide comments about how her dad was probably treating the cows inhumanely without ever having visited the facility. as with “eat seal, wear seal,” many people here in the suburbs would insist that killing seals is a terrible thing pretty much because peta says it is.

  7. That sticker actually came from the Northern House pavilion at the Vancouver Olympics. I think it’s important to hold onto traditions from the past such as seal hunts etc, etc

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