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Plant life on the ground: mushrooms

The NWT has several mushroom species. Here are some mushrooms spotted near an old tree stump.


Northern bumper sticker: Eat seal, wear seal

Here is a bumper sticker, which comes from the Eastern Arctic. It encourages people to take pride in the seal hunt.

Fox crossing on the Dempster Highway

Here is a fox, looking both ways before crossing the Dempster Highway.

Tourism season is ending and visitors are heading back southwards.

Walking the huskies at the Arctic Chalet

A cool thing to do in Inuvik is to visit the Arctic Chalets which have white husky dogs. The dogs enjoy walking on the trails and horsing around.

You can even book a “kennel tour” to walk the dogs on a sawdust trail to a lake, and speak with the animals’ handlers.

Long-legged water bird

This water bird was seen near the Arctic Chalet. Notice the long legs and thin beak, for picking small prey from the water. Nature’s chopsticks.

On vacations — back at end of August

Hello everyone,

I am away on vacations in Ottawa, until the end of August.

Watch for more photos in a little while. In the meantime, I will try and answer the backlog of questions and emails I have recently recieved.

Now that I am on vacations — please let me know any suggestions to improve the site.

Thanks for reading!

Two moose at Two Moose Lake

What a wonderful wildlife encounter, during the recent journey to Dawson City!

These two moose were walking in the vegetation near Two Moose Lake in Yukon. They walked across the Dempster Highway.

Does anyone know what is on the mother’s side? Is it a big scar, or a something else?

Always neat to see them in their natural habitat. (click photos to make larger, the top one is my new computer dektop.)