Wrangling River supply destroyed by fire!

A massive fire destroyed a series of buildings in Inuvik today, including the Wrangling River furniture store.

Also lost were Inuvik’s recycling depot and a small-engine repair shop. Full story below:



2 responses to “Wrangling River supply destroyed by fire!

  1. sattvicwarrior

    great shot of the ravens.
    yet regarding the fire and destruction[ that was really a great study in dimension and colour]
    ! its really quite amazing to me how even tho your area is “remote” you seem to have more social conflicts than the world down at this end of the planet since I have been following your posts…..
    One would think the moderate sense of isolation in relationship to the rest of the world would produce a more tranquil and austere nature of man , as from what I have seen of your surroundings the shock of austerity and just general visuals one would think would be a catalyst to calm the spirit , not to inspire it for destruction. . ..
    Such is this phantasy we call reality .
    Peace and tranquility truly does begin from “within “. no matter where one is on this planet.
    thanks for shareing ……….

  2. sattvicwarrior

    IN one of your other photos you had this structure and said”

    Inuksuk means “like a man/inuk.” Inuk is the singular form of Inuit. You will find these stone figures all over the Arctic, and they are a friendly reminder just when you start thinking that you’re on virgin territory that someone has been here before you. Depending on how they are built, they can mark good fishing or hunting spots, or a nearby town, among other things.”

    In the jungles of the south pacific where i have often lived one would see similar structures but were called “heaiu”s [ pronounced hay-0ow]. adn were made out of rocks s well as various others mediums. cool shots on your part by the way:)

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