Monthly Archives: July 2010

Wildlife is all around: A small weasel?

Does anyone recognize this little animal? Spotted near the Arctic Chalet


Bee on a flower

Here is a busy pollinator spotted in Yukon.

Little bird in a tree

Here’s a little bird in a tree at Eagle Plains. Not sure of the species…

Fox on the Dempster highway

Another wildlife encounter off the Dempster Highway: A fox, giving a quick glimpse to the car before leaping off to pursue more pressing business.

Eagles meeting

Here are two more eagles, seen on the shore of the Peel river. On the right is a bald eagle.

Golden Eagle, on the shores of the Peel river

Spotted on the shore of the Peel River, outside Fort McPherson: This magnificent eagle.

Click image to make it larger.

Inuvik canoe club: on Boot Lake

This summer, Inuvik saw the return of the East 3 Canoe Club, which met Wednesdays on the shores of Boot Lake.

Young people could learn to canoe and sponsors helped by donating some excellent fibreglass canoes.

(Note: These photos were taken a few weeks ago.)