Happy Inuvialuit Day 2010

Friday, June 4 was Inuvialuit Day, which is always marked by a BBQ and outdoor drum dance in front of the Inuvialuit Corporate Group offices.

This year the food included dry fish, muskox, chowder, chilis, musrat and cranberry sauces.

(Interesting note: there was also cotton candy, but children had their hand marked with a marker, so they could not get more than one serving. Looks like people are listening to Healthy Foods North and their lessons about sugar. )


One response to “Happy Inuvialuit Day 2010

  1. Looks like a good day out. Its nice to see that old traditions are still being observed. I live in County Durham in England, and although I have done a lot of travelling in North America in my 20’s, the farthest north I ever went was Toronto!

    I am settled with a family now, so no more backpacking for me… I would love to visit The Arctic Circle one day, but for now I think I will be confined to reading blogs, so I might be a frequent visitor here…

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