Boat travel on the Mackenzie

People are hunting for geese, ducks, and other birds on the Mackenzie.

The rivers are the arctic’s highways, allowing travel between communities.


7 responses to “Boat travel on the Mackenzie

  1. Looks like Wildlife Officers. I hope they aren’t the ones doing the hunting while on patrol!

  2. Is springtime duck and geese hunting legal in Canada? Back home in Norway it’s not legal, but in the arctic the sami people have special permission to hunt in the spring. Not without controversy, though.

    • As far as I know it’s legal, but you need to clear it with the local wildlife officer first. Aboriginal people have their own sets of hunting and fishing rights.

  3. Unless you are a participant under one of the land claims, waterfowl season doesn’t start until Sept 1st …

  4. Spring goose/duck hunting is legal for Inuvialuit and Gwichin and native person from other areas of Canada. For other hunters, they must obtain a migratory game permit from the local post office in Inuvik to hunt and the season opens September 1.

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