Inuvik trivia: From the History Channel

Here’s a fun link, which has trivia about Inuvik. I learned a few things.

A fun example: 
“For years, a retired highway worker named Harry Waldron sat in a rocking chair at the shoulder of the Dempster Highway on the way to Inuvik, right next to a small sign that marked the edges of the Arctic Circle. Waldron wore a tuxedo, drank champagne and recited snippets of Robert Service poems for tourists as they passed by. he became such a popular attraction that the Yukon’s territorial government began to pay him a small stipend to be the official “Keeper of the Arctic Circle.”


One response to “Inuvik trivia: From the History Channel

  1. Seriously though, anything attributed to History channel, esp. with Ice Road Truckers, is not going to be on the level.

    Sensationalist bastages!

    But Inuvik does rule!

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