A look inside the old “Sedna’s Pool”

The door to the old “Sedna’s Pool” was open the other day, revealing its contents.

Turns out, it’s being used as storage.

Now you know!


3 responses to “A look inside the old “Sedna’s Pool”

  1. Do you mean that used to be a swimming pool? If so, was it a public facility and was it open all year round? When did it operate (or when did it close)?

    Very interesting,


  2. It was the public swimming pool, one deep one, one shallow.
    It was only open in the summer, for like six weeks or less.
    I remember growing up, waiting for the first day, lining up all the way down around the building!

    It closed… hmmm…. late 90s? maybe even still open just past the new millenium? toughie…

    I’ll put that in my pipe and smoke it!

  3. Je prends la peine de publier ce com simplement pour féliciter l’administrateur

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