Monthly Archives: June 2010

Prepared for trouble

This happens every year: Windows of the primary school have been boarded up for the summer, as a measure against vandalism.


Modern art: everyone’s an editor

Some young children recently drew faces on the statues in Jim Koe park.

They were a blank modern art statue before; I guess minimalism in art will always have its critics who say its “missing” something.

At least the faces are smiling and friendly.

Long dusty road

Here’s the back of a camper after driving the Dempster Highway. That’s a lot of dust!

St-Bernard in Inuvik: that’s a big dog

This hefty fellow is called “Atlas,” I think. He’s a very large St-Bernard.

Ted Wesley returns to Inuvik

Musician Ted Wesley, who has written some of the best songs yet written about the North, recently returned to Inuvik to play a small concert.

I surprized him with a copy of his 1976 album “North of Canada,” which we still play at the CBC off the vinyl!

Here is an example of Ted’s music found off of Youtube:

Texas Air National Guard at the community greenhouse!

The Inuvik Community greenhouse recently got some help all the way from Houston, Texas.

The Texas Air National Guard was in town last week, as part of an exchange with Canadian forces. (They are military engineers and were working on a nearby airbase, installing buildings. Later a Canadian group will travel to the states. This is all related to Arctic Sovereigny and the promotion of exchange and cooperation between the two nations.)

The national guard offered to volunteer at the Greenhouse. Last Saturday 10 people wearing US-issue camouflage, backpacks and boots moved gravel and helped build new walkways.

Tugboat on the shore

The workhorses of the marine world, tugboats help to bring barges of supplies to Inuvik.