Monthly Archives: May 2010

Behold! The aluminum can spatula

Campgrounds like the Gwich’in campground offer free BBQ grills. You can bring a spatula or make your own.


Ice on the lake

This is campbell lake. As you can see, there is plenty of ice this time of year.

Did a goose explode?

It’s goose hunting season, and at the campgrounds you can often see the results of plucking.

Feathers everywhere!

Birds of the NWT: the whiskeyjack or grey jay

These little birds aren’t afraid of people.

Their feathers aren’t very colourful, but they’re always agreeable to having their photo taken.

“Green haze!” the first leaves of summer

The first leaves of summer are appearing, and they grow quickly in the 24-hour sunlight.

Wood heating is common in Inuvik

In answer to an email question: Many homes and workshops in Inuvik use wood stoves, despite the proximity to the treeline. It’s common to see cords of wood in town.

New soundslide: Ice breaking on the Mackenzie

I’ve posted a new soundslide at, which is about the ice breaking on the Mackenzie. It features a few people on the riverside, giving their thoughts on this time of the year.