Food prices, continued: The $36 pizza

This is a large pizza from the Alforno restaurant, which retails for $36.

This is about an average price for a pizza in Inuvik and yes, they deliver late at night!


5 responses to “Food prices, continued: The $36 pizza

  1. Well, at least it looks tasty.

  2. I would pay that price in a heartbeat….in fact, I am honest in saying that once in awhile I would probably pay twice that amount, especially because it does actually look good!

  3. Man, for reals, you need donair meat and a side of donair sauce for that baby!

    Fuck I miss those. Here, deliveries stop after like 12 midnight or some shit.

  4. Yes, I came back to see the pizza again…

  5. so when i finally leave the &%$#@ suburbs, i can move here and still get decent delivery. this place rocks!

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