Monthly Archives: April 2010

Snowmobile on Boot Lake: Open water

Seen at Boot Lake: snowmobile riders going in circles, skipping over a patch of water.


Happy Gwich’in Day

There was a BBQ at the Gwich’in Tribal Council’s offices on Thursday to mark Gwich’in Day.

This year the GTC asked people to bring their own dishes, to they would not use paper plates and styrofoam.

Spring views: Inuvik emerges from the snow

Here are two views from town. As you can see, the end of winter is here.

Puddle season

Snow is melting and that means puddles and mud. Everyone is wearing rubber boots and you see children playing in the streets.

Dust at dusk

Here’s a late-night sunset on Inuvik’s main street, after 10:30pm.

The snow is melting and there’s a lot of dust on the streets.

Muskrat jamboree 2010: Tea boiling contest

Okay, this is the last of the leftover winter photos. (In reality, Inuvik now looks muddy and dusty. I am Behind on the uploading.)

This is the Muskrat Jamboree’s tea-boiling race, where each contestant must build a fire on the ice.

Muskrat jamboree 2010: Harpoon throwing contest

One of the games in the Muskrat Jamboree is the harpoon throwing contest, which imitates the skills needed for a whale hunt.